Udzungwa Mountain Forest National Park is located in Iringa, Southern part of Tanzania. The area is popular by hosting world uniquely existing fauna and flora species.

The Udzungwa Mountains National Park is one of the newest National PArk in East Africa.  The park, commissioned in 1992, harbors plant species found nowhere else in the world, including the tiny African violet. The forest covers a substantial range in altitude creating quite a diversity of vegetation…This is how several species of primates, including the Iringa Colobus monkey and Sanje mangabey, are able to coexist here.  The forest also harbors an amazing array of birdlife, including three just discovered in the 1980’s; a new species of cisticola, a new weaver, and the rufous-winged sunbird. The park’s plateau is bordered on the north by the Great Ruaha River and contains populations of elephant, buffalo, lion, leopard and wild dog…The best time to visit is September to December


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