Safari Overview

The Serengeti Balloon Safari starts at 0615h. Your captain will probably ask you to relax and expect to experience the wonders of Serengeti Plain under the African sky. As you start your balloon safaris, you will start feeling an inner smile that resonates on the face and which is self explanatory. The Great Wildebeest Migration moving in large numbers across the Serengeti Plain is the first beauty you will enjoy in the sky. The beauty of the landscape when the rising sun’s bright orange colors are displayed by group of elephants at the water pool, gazelles and zebras scampering away, just if it was their first time to witness an alien object in the sky.

Balloon basket can take only 32 passengers and can fly daily depending on weather conditions. The floating over the Serengeti Plains takes about one hour. This service is only available to guest doing safaris in the central and western Serengeti Plain.


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